Sunday, November 22, 2009

Want to try Google Chrome OS? It's already available for Windows!

Say what?  Google’s Chrome OS is already available, and its on Windows?  Yup.  Well, sort of.  Google Chrome OS is a revolutionary concept in the computing world.  It is stripping the Operating System down to the basic kernel, and the browser will be the sole shell of the GUI.  Google is using the Linux Kernel to handle the hardware, while the Browser OS handles everything taking place.

Google’s primary thought process is to usher in the age of Cloud Computing.  Where no one will ever loose important pictures, videos, music, emails, contacts, documents, etc.  Everything will no longer be stored on the computer itself, but will be stored on a server somewhere that is regularly backed up to another server, or three.  However, that data will be kept private, and secure.  Google is showing installed applications the door, and booting them out.

So, back to what I said about Google Chrome OS is already available, and it is on Windows.  Google released the sleek, and uber fast browser, Google Chrome.  There are no flashy add-on’s.  There are no extensions.  There is nothing special to the browser other than the basics and a strong rendering engine for HTML and JavaScript.

Have you tried Google Chrome?  Give it a shot.  And when  you do, make sure to give all of Google’s Web Apps a go first.  Chrome was built for Google’s Docs, Calendar, Gmail, Wave, etc.  These Web 2.0 apps load up lightning fast.  They function beautifully.  You just find that the internet flies so fast with Chrome.  You also come to find out that when you pay for that 10mb download speed from the cable company, you are getting what you pay for.

Another great thing with Chrome is that for a business application, this is a great tool.  It is small, and functional, and works beautifully with online collaboration tools (something I will discuss later on).  You don’t want a browser that is bogged down and tied so deeply to the Operating System like Internet Explorer, or pulling along behind it a ton of add-on’s that are supposed to help make it more secure or functional.  You want a browser that works.  Because of its low resource footprint, Chrome is able to allow the system do what needs to be done.  It allows the computer to use those hardware resources where it counts most, the content.

The one major point about Google Chrome OS is that it is completely aimed at the Netbook market.  That means that it will not be available publicly for standard laptop and desktop PC's.  Google also announced that it will officially support Solid State Drive's (SSD's) only to help increase speeds and stability.  Chrome OS's technical requirements are being pushed to be the very opposite of what Apple and Microsoft seem to force on people.  Google is wanting functional netbooks that run on ARM processors and have SSD's.  Ram, my guess, will be within the 1 to 2 gb's like most netbooks.

All in all, Google Chrome OS, and Google Chrome Browser are one in the same in many aspects.  You really want to experience Chrome OS?  Download Chrome Browser and give it a test drive for a few days.  Experience the internet at high speeds, not just in cyberspace, but from your own hardware.

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