Thursday, January 7, 2010

Google Chrome Beta with Extensions?!?

That is correct folks.  Google has released a beta version of the Chrome browser that comes with the ability to use Extensions!  This isn’t a huge change in how we use browsers, considering Firefox has really perfected the concept of browser extensions and add-on’s.  The ability to do so with Chrome, however, will definitely offer a huge push in its popularity.  People LOVE extensions that add more usability and power to their browsers.

So, what are a few I recommend?  Keep reading!

Google Mail Checker Plus.  It displays the number of unread messages in your Gmail and Google Apps inboxes.  Not only that, but can display a preview of emails, and allow you to send from Gmail when you click and email link from a website.

Google Voice Notifier.  This adds a notify button on your display to tell you of missed calls, voice mail, text messages, and more.

Google Wave Notifier.  This will display how many new Wave’s you have.

Knol Buddy.  Helps you discover new and interesting Knols while browsing the web.

QR-Code Tag Extension.  If you have a Droid, this is great.  It generates QR-Codes for links, images, and more when online.  Makes it great when using your Droid along with your laptop/desktop computers.

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