Thursday, January 7, 2010

Google Wave? Is it Catching?

Okay, so Google Wave is still in closed beta, and will be so for probably the better part of the next several months.  However, there is a limited invitation only beta testing going on, just like Gmail was back a few years ago.  (Yes, I have some still left over)  Those that have it are getting a chance to try it out.  However, it just isn’t all that incredible if there isn’t enough of your friends using it.

So, what are my views on Wave?  Let’s find out.

Google talks about Wave as being the evolution of email, collaboration, and interaction between people.  It is what email will be like once the Google Gods release this onto the unsuspecting public.  This I have to admit, I doubt very much.  Wave is interesting, and could easily become the evolution of the message board/social network, but not email.  Unless you see a world, which is possible, where email, message boards, and social networks integrate fully and we need something quick, responsive and live, LIKE wave.  Admittedly, the trend is pushing us in that direction.

Google’s wave is sleek and fast.  It is easy to follow discussion, and to unfollow them just the same. Google has maintained the look of Wave that is congruent with everything “Google”.  Minimalistic, white and blue colors, and easy on the eyes.  This is a positive in relations to how you use Wave.  Wave itself may not be a lot to look at, but it works.

What I would like to see integrated into Wave, however, is deeper collaboration tools, such as Docs and Calendar.  Another is the contacts.  Integrate ones existing contacts into Wave.

Google Wave is an exciting concept, but I really do not see it overtaking the tried and true Email format. Email has been around for a very long time.  Completely changing the way we communicate in this fashion will not be something readily adopted by a lot of people.  I see Wave being something easily adopted in Technical Support call centers, and possibly in industries that need real time communication and collaboration.

Wave is going to be something slow to be adopted by the casual user.  For instant communication, the casual user will happily rely on Instant Messaging.  Social Networking handles everything else they need.

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