Friday, February 26, 2010

Android 2.1 release date is…

android April 26th?  According to a Sales Rep at a Cypress, Texas VerizonWireless store informed me that the much hyped, and desired Android 2.1 release is April 26th.  I am happy to be the first one to actually seemingly blog about this.  I also look to be the first person to have tweeted about it!  Yeah, check out my twitter account @etschuetz.

I am very excited.  So, what is going to come with this update?  Well all I was told was that it will include “pinch zooming” for media.  That is great.  Now, I know that multi-touch was NOT in the Nexus One, but perhaps this is a post Nexus One feature?  It did seem that a lot of people were disappointed in that the Nexus One didn’t include it, and I am sure that Google was quick to notice and fix it.

  verizon-wireless-logo_001Also to be included in the update is a version of Flash.  However, it sounds like it is not the official Adobe Flash we are all waiting for.  Is it some kind of streamlined version designed specifically for the Android platform?  We will see.  However, I do hope that the Flash we get allows us to do everything that is being promised.  If not, maybe it is just a version to quell our hunger until a full featured version is released.

The sales rep wasn’t wanting to get to much into the details on it, but he did say it was going to be sweet.  It will even out do the ROMs that people have been putting on their rooted phones lately.

Now, here is the thing.  Once this goes public, I am sure people will be asking Verizon about it.  They will want to validate it.  However, if the information is accurate and true, Verizon may make it public knowledge.  If they do, then remember, I was the first to break the news to everyone!  So, don’t bother going into your settings and checking for an “Over the Air” update for Android 2.1.  It won’t be there unil April 26th.

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