Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Life with Android

motorola-droid-002 So, ever since the first week of December of 2009 I have been a proud owner of a Motorola Droid.  Since its release, and my ownership, it has already seen an update to the 2.0.1 version of the Android OS.  As of April 26th, I will be seeing the 2.1.x release of the OS, which will bring with it a few new wonderful features, such as pinch zooming.  How has my adventures been with the little Droid that Does?  Keep reading.

The Droid is my first smartphone.  All previous cellular phones that I have owned since my first cell phone in 2003 has been a standard issue mobile device.  No flash, no flair.  The last “standard mobile phone” that I owned was the Motorola Hint with a full qwerty keyboard that slid open to be exposed, and a few features here and there that made it feel like it wanted to be a smartphone.  However, I have always wanted one, but never saw the need.  Palm phones always intrigued me, but I was never pleased with the designs, or their prices.  When the iPhone was released, I wanted one so bad, like a lot of others.  However, I didn’t have AT&T in my area, and I didn’t like how the plans looked.  I was a faithful Alltel customer.

Now, flash forward to November 2009.  Alltel is completely absorbed into VerizonWireless, and one of my mobile accounts on my plan is up for renewal.  I decide to switch over to a Verizon plan for the sole purpose of purchasing a Motorola Droid.  It has all the bells and whistles that the iPhone has, but without the restrictions that Apple and AT&T were being documented of displaying.  I also got to keep my qwerty keyboard!  I was in love.  A friend of mine that works at a VerizonWireless Authorized Dealer upgraded to a Droid, and let me play with it.  I couldn’t put it down.  I loved it so much.  So, I got one the first week of December after I got paid.  I haven’t looked back since.

So, why do I love this phone?  What makes it so special?

Firstly, it is a very responsive phone.  The touch screen is amazing.  Besides the iPhone, it is the most responsive touch screen phone I have ever tried.  It blew my mind away.  I have played with the iPhone/iTouch, so I know how wonderful that touch screen is, and the Droid is very motorola-droid-siteAcomparable to it.  The keyboard got some poor reviews when it first released, but I found it very easy to use.  Yes, the directional pad does make it feel off center, and a little annoying to use.  However, I find the keyboard wonderful to use when high speed typing is a must, or I want to write a lot of text.

Secondly, there is an app for everything.  Granted, Apple brags about the 145,000+ apps they have, but there are so many worthless time wasters that the figure feels very bloated.  The Android platform has under 20,000 apps, but a majority are great apps, and very useful.  I have a few on my Droid that make life great.  I have apps that tell me about whatever location I am, a few addictively fun games, office suites, and instant messaging apps.  There are also some great SMS/MMS replacement apps out there, such as Handcent (which I recommend).  Every app that I found, and downloaded, server a purpose.  Perhaps only a handful of the dozen or so I have are frivolous and pointless.

How has the Droid “changed my life”?  I find that this is the device that truly makes me feel connected at all times.  With the various applications that give me all of my instant messaging clients in one place, I can always be able to talk to any of my friends and family.  With the easy to use email applications, I can quickly and easily check my numerous email accounts without having to log into the websites to do so.  My calendar keeps me on track with daily events.  I always know what is happening on all of my important social network accounts, whether that is Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter.  I can post to my blogs.  And, of course, I can call and text everyone on my contacts list.

I find that I also do not feel the need to make sure I have a computer with me at all times.  Don’t get me wrong, but I love my laptop too.  I still prefer to write out long blogs, such as this one, on my laptop with a full sized keyboard, but my Droid lets me do so much that I don’t feel Motorola-Droid-Multimedia-Stationdisconnected when I don’t have my laptop.  The internet is fast on this device.  It loads full, standard websites just as fast as I would expect on my laptop.  Sometimes, faster than I would expect from a 3G connection, but it does it.

What about media?  I don’t really bother with MP3s on my phone, but with apps like Pandora, who needs to?  Also, apps like TV.com, I can watch television and movies, all without actually having them stored on my phone’s 16gb microSD card.  I don’t even need to worry about keeping pictures of my kids in my wallet either, as I can access my picasa site easily, and I have them all stored on my phone as well.  And they look so crisp and clear on the high resolution display of the Droid, so showing them off is fun.

So all in all, the Droid has created ways for me to be productive, and entertained.  It does all of this without having to bog me down with carrying around a laptop, and hunting for a good WiFi connection.  I just pull it out, bring it to life, and off I go.

Thank you Droid, for coming into my life.

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