Friday, April 9, 2010

Getting a Good Web Host

Okay, so you want to host a website?  How about hosting your own blog, joomla, or drupal site.  You have other ideas, but you don’t want to spend a lot on hosting?  You know what you want your site to do, but you don’t want to have to go through the hassles of running your own server?  Well do I have a good web hosting company for you.  I give you HostGator!

Admittedly, I am a former employee of, however this isn’t a company spiel.  I am also a customer of HostGator.  I am currently using HostGator to host my 3 blogs, my Social Network project, a virtual OS (EyeOS), and a personal archive of texts and such.  I also intend to use it for other features, that I haven’t decided on yet.

What makes HostGator better than the competition?  Plenty.  When you call Tech Support, you get a real person.  You don’t get a silly automated menu.  You don’t sit on the phone for hours waiting for someone, either.  You are generally helped within minutes.  I admit, there are rare occurrences that your wait could be up to 15 minutes, but that is a rarity.  I should know.  Not only do you have the ability to call in, you also have the option for a chat session.  Chat is great if you have one question, or if you don’t really feel like talking.  Chat also has a built in translation system for non-English speaking customers.

For some, it is also reassuring to know that the Tech Support is located right in Houston, Texas.  Real Americans.  Again, that can be a real selling point, simply because as an American based company, it is refreshing to see that they are providing jobs to the stricken American economy.

Another big deal for some is that HostGator also is a “Green Company”.  What does that mean?  It means that much of the electricity powering the server farm is from Wind Energy.  HostGator prides itself on being a Green Company.  So, not only providing great jobs to the American Economy, but also an eco-friendly company.

Aside from those topics, HostGator’s servers are top notch Dell powered servers running Dual and Quad core Xeon processors, and LOTS of RAM.  There is a variety of plans to choose from.  You can get a basic “Hatchling Plan”, a “Baby Plan”, or a “Business/Swamp Plan” on their shared servers.  If you want to get into web hosting, there is the “Reseller Plan”.  This is great as to give one the ability to manage multiple sites with individual cPanels, or all one to resell hosting space to other people.  Beyond that there is the VPS and Dedicated plans.  These are great for power users that need a hosting plan that can handle high traffic volumes, and resource intense Web 2.0 applications.

Server up time is guaranteed that if your site is down due to server issues for more than 45 minutes within a single month, You get credited a month free.  That is big.

The servers run on CentOS 5.x along with many popular server side applications.  For a complete list, click here.  I strongly recommend that people familiarize themselves with the HostGator Support Page.  It is an invaluable resource of information for many people that use HostGator.  Their set up is a great LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl) set up.  How good is their LAMP set up?  Sites using WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal (to name a few), worked exceptionally.  HostGator is perhaps one of the most PHP/MySQL friendly hosts out there.

Now, their prices are pretty fair.  I know people will find prices that are cheaper out there for similar plans, but I have seen a few and dare say that with the power behind the shared accounts alone, HostGator is the better deal.  In Tech Support, I have had people call in regards to comparing our services with many difference competitors.  Generally speaking, the competitors don’t offer their shared accounts on servers that are just as powerful, or they don’t offer the same support for various server side applications.  Another major point is that you will always have a real person when you call HostGator, that is something actually guaranteed!

All in all, if you need a host for your site that you know will be there tomorrow, and that will provide top notch service, HostGator is where to go.  Click the banner below, and go to their site.  Sign up and make sure to get your Coupon Code.  If you only want one month, then make sure to ask for the hgc25 code, it practically makes your first month free!

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