Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mobile Internet Tethering, Without the Cost

pdaneti160 How can you do that without paying for that outrageous $30 fee?  Easy, You get PdaNet for your smartphone!  This is a brilliant application designed for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and PalmOS on Treo and Centro, and Android platforms.  The application is super easy to install, and super easy to set up!

Right now, I am typing up this blog connected to the internet using my 3G VerizonWireless connection.  Normally I would have to pay the $30 tethering fee that Verizon, and every other provider, has imposed on the service.  However, I am getting around that.  “But how can that be done with just a simple app”, you ask?  Keep reading.

PdaNet is a brilliant app that you install to your phone.  You then use your Bluetooth to create a  android160Dial-Up Network (DUN) connection between the two devices.  Another route is via the USB, and have the PdaNet USB application installed on to your computer.  The app basically tricks your phone into thinking that all of the traffic taking place is via the standard browser installed on your phone.  Normally, your cell service provider would be able to determine if you are tethering based on the method data is being accessed.

As long as you get a good 3G connection, you will not experience many problems.  That in itself is great because 3G connections can be as fast as 1.5mb/sec.  That really isn’t to much different from most standard DSL connections in a lot of communities in the midwest.  With the advent of 4G coming, you will be able to experience speeds similar to most cable providers.  That in itself almost eliminates the need for an additional internet connection for a LOT of people.

pdanet_wm So what are the drawbacks to this?  Well, for one VerizonWireless limits your “unlimited bandwidth” to a total of 5 or so gigabytes per month.  That could eliminate to much in the realm of to many downloads, but because this is going through a different route, you may not have to concern yourself to much with it.  The 5 gb limit is on tethering, and again, as I have said, PdaNet uses a different access method, similar to how your default browser, and most apps, access the data connection.

So, for those on a budget that do not want to pay for internet on their phone,pdanet650 and for their  desktop/laptop, PdaNet is a wonderful work around!  Besides, you can get PdaNet for FREE!  There is a paid version, which lets you access secured sites.  However, most users won’t really need to worry to much.  Best of all?  For Android users, you are not required to “root” your device!  That is a wonderful thing, as rooting your phone can quickly void your warranty.

Now, where can one get this wonderful application?


  1. I cannot see your site properly on my iPhone (I have the 3G, not 3GS). Anyway, I have put your RSS into my laptop, so thanks!

  2. Oddly enough my grandma would find your site very interesting