Monday, May 31, 2010

EasyTether for your Droid and PC

500px-android-logosvg Okay, so a month ago I did an article on tethering your Droid phone to your laptop or desktop PC using PDAnet.  The free version of the application did not allow you to connect to HTTPS (secured) sites.  So, logging into social networks and email was a problem, and makes my comment inaccurate in regards to most not needing to worry.  To get around that issue, you would pay $30 for the full version.  Personally, for Bluetooth connectivity does not justify the price tag.  Great app, but not worth the $30 fee.  Now, introducing EasyTether.  The free version suffers the same issue as PDAnet, along with a few other missing features, but the paid version is only $9.95!

EasyTether Lite and Full both give you access to the internet via your Android powered smartphone.  The Lite version, just like PDAnet’s free version, does not allow you to connect to HTTPS sites.  This is a hassle when logging into IM, Email, and Social Networks.  For everything else, it suffices.  Pay the fee and you have complete and total access to all the internet’s glory!

The app on the phone and the PC are missing a few features.  First off, EasyTether does not let you connect via Bluetooth, which is a nice feature.  Second, there is no Widget on the phone to display bandwidth usage.  This is a great feature in PDAnet to monitor your activity and make sure you don’t go over the 5gb monthly bandwidth imposed by some carriers.  Third, the PC side does not have a Text Message option.  It is nice not having to touch the phone to check Texts while using the phone as a modem.

So why EasyTether over PDAnet?  Personal choice is a big one, but for me, it was the $9.95 price of EasyTether over PDAnet’s $29.95.  I can do without the Bluetooth connectivity, and the lack of Texting support.  Both are stable, fast and reliable applications.  I for one am someone that doesn’t see the point in spending 20 bucks more for a couple features that aren’t required.

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