Wednesday, June 23, 2010

iPhone Screwed Up the Design?

g_iphone Well, the iPhone 4 has not been out very long, but it seems there is already a GLARING flaw in the design.  Gizmodo has an article with a few videos of iPhone 4 owners experiencing the same exact problem…when they touch the antenna bar, they loose all reception!  How does that happen?  Obviously this is something the Apple technicians did NOT test prior to release.  Is this a software issue, or is it hardware?  A couple of videos show where if the band is covered with a leather case it isn’t effected, but take the case off, it goes from full bars to no bars.

Personally, this is an issue that Apple really needs to fix.  Whether this be a recall, a software patch, or something.  I really don’t think this should be a problem that should be left to the user to fix with a simple case.  Not everyone likes using covers and cases.

500x_apple-iphone-4-4(Image from Gizmodo)

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