Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Trip With Glympse

glympse-logoWell, yesterday I took a 12-14 hour drive from Hiawatha, KS to Brenham, TX.  It was a long and hot drive.  Thankfully I had A/C, and a beautiful companion, to help make the trip worthwhile.  Before I left for Texas, my friends and family asked me to keep them informed of how the trip went.  A sort of “play by play” of events.  Well, considering I drove the entire trip, I could exactly text every few miles.  However, when we made rest stops, I used an application on my  Motorola Droid called “Glympse”.

Glympse is not a stand alone social app, but an app that you can use in conjuction with Facebook, Twitter and your phone’s contact list to send Status updates, Tweets, and Texts.  I found this application extremely handy as a means to send out my where-a-bouts in a single method.  I simply clicked the social network I wanted to send an update to, and the people in my phone’s contact list I needed to send a text to.glympse-on-android

The app uses the phones built in GPS, WiFi and 3G connections to determine your location.  Using  the GPS gives you the most accurate location, obviously.  It then lets you type up a quick message, give a time limit to it, and even add in a destination.

Not only can this app be used as a means to help keep people updated on your trips, but also as a means to let friends know where you are.  If you want to meet someone for coffee at a little known coffee shop in the middle of town, and they don’t know how to get there, send a Glympse.  On the Android phones, it uses Google Maps.  This app is also available for iPhone and Windows Mobile.  I am not certain what map it will use on Windows Mobile.  Right now, it is not available for Blackberry, but it does seem to be in the works for additional platforms.

All in all, a great little app worth the FREE download.

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