Thursday, July 29, 2010

DS Sales are down?

nintendo-logo According to an article at PC World, Nintendo has suffered a decrease in profits somewhere around 2.2 billion dollars.  However, that does not mean Nintendo is in the hurt.  Just means that interest in the Nintendo DS is waning a bit.  The question is though, “Why is interest dropping?”  There are quite a few different answers to that question really.

Nintendo will be announcing late September 2010 when the Nintendo 3DS will be released, how much it will cost, and where it can be obtained at.  On that note, speculation has put the handheld at around US$250.  Nintendo was cited that that amount is a bit “high” (Check out this PC World article).  I am willing to go out and say that we should expect to see the device around US$199.99.

I am pulling my comment I made on that article in my speculative view of the release of the 3DS:

“With the power of the new unit, and the fact that it is introducing new hardware features to the platform, I would be willing to put down a wager that the 3DS will sell at US$199.99. By next summer, the DSi would probably drop down to 129.99, the XL into the 169.99 range and allow the 3DS to fit into the 189.99 range. This would basically completely phase out the DS and DS lite versions of the platform. I would also expect to see more features that are specific for the DSi and 3DS platforms to encourage anyone (myself included) sticking to the DS Lite platform. To this day, the DSi still doesn't offer enough incentive for many to upgrade. However, with the 3DS and its potential power and additional control features, Waiting to skip the DSi and DSi XL altogether is tempting.” – ETSchuetz (Me)

Back to the topic, though.  Why is Nintendo seeing such a waning interest in the DS Lite, DSi, and DSi XL?  Over saturation in the market is one.  The DS platform is everywhere.  It is an amazingly approachable device.  Why the DSi and DSi XL aren’t exploding?  Because neither of those two platforms offer enough for those with the DS Lite to upgrade.

Why would anyone with a DS Lite want to upgrade?  I have a  DS Lite and am NOT missing out on what the DSi and XL offer.  There really is nothing special to get excited about within the Download Content.  Most of it is all mini-games.  Where is the major retro infusion the DSi could really take advantage of?  The DSi and XL are missing the Slot 2 from the DS Lite.  There are a lot of top notch Game Boy Advance titles that still are a lot of fun, and fill some gaps in the DS’s library.  The DSi Camera is also not enough for most people to even consider.  It is a 640x480 resolution camera.  And there aren’t any, or enough, games to take advantage of it to make it worth while.  It is like the old Game Boy Camera…pointless.638020

I am also willing to speculate that many would be buyers of the DSi or the DSi XL may be holding out for the 3DS.  The 3DS offers so much more to entice DS Lite owners to finally upgrade.  The 3DS features an Analog stick, better graphics, 3D, and DS backwards compatibility.  It also has a camera, wifi, and support for the downloadable content.

So, Nintendo suffered a little profit loss last month.  Give it a couple more months and those profits will soar with many a gaming geek wanting to get a hold of the 3DS.

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