Saturday, July 17, 2010

Google Analytics - Your friend

So, you have a website and you want to know what the surfing trends are, and where your visitors are coming from and going to.  The old counters of yesteryears websites are dead and gone.  Besides, a lot of modern websites do not want to share their traffic information publicly.  Keeping track of it, however, is very important when you are wanting to keep users coming back.  Google Analytics takes user tracking and takes it several levels beyond the simplistic counters of old.

Google Analytics gives an amazing array of details that may confuse the new user.  However, with some practice, research and basic understanding of web traffic, everyone will catch on to every little detail.  You can see how people are finding your site based on referrals, search engines, and direct traffic.  Referrals can basically be everything from a link within another site, all the way to people finding it on Twitter and Facebook.  Search Engine information is also very valuable as to help you understand what keywords users are using to find your content so that you can better target such keywords in the future.

You will also have information on the hot content within your site.  You can determine which portions of your site are getting the best hits, which lets you better target advertisements within that section of the website.  It also helps you know what type of content you are providing that most interests visitors.

Implementing Google Analytics into a standard HTML page is very easy, but what about Wordpress?  use Google Analyticator.  It makes setup and implementation super easy.

Another great feature that Google has done is added Adsense support to your Analytics so you can see what people are clicking on within your Adsense ads.  This, again, is great at targeting your marketing efforts to help build better revenue sources.

Give Google Analytics a shot, it is free and easy to set up.

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