Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Motorola Droid not seeing Froyo until August?

Well, here it is the 13th of July and Android 2.2 Froyo update is NOT here yet. Granted, the day is not through as of this writing, but it really does seem that I will not be seeing my OTA update today.  A thread already has appeared on the Motorola Forums to help solidify my worries about the update not coming out just yet.

Some sound as if they are ready to root their phones and plug in the rom to get their 2.2 update early.  I, myself, am willing to put up with another month of waiting.  I was anxiously patient the last time, I can do it this time.  However, to get around some of the issues that I wanted with the update, there are work arounds.

An Example is the extra home screens.  I use LauncherPro Beta so that I can have up to seven(7) screens, but am sticking to five (5).  It seems more stable at five.  There are no real work arounds for the other features with Froyo however.  Those are things we will have to wait for.

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