Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Palm Pixi Plus

Okay, so the Palm Pixi Plus has been on the Verizon network for a few months now, and even longer on the Sprint network.  However, I just acquired one and have had the chance to play around with it.  With that in mind, I decided that I would write up a review of the device.  Unlike my review of the Blackberry Storm 2 where I compared it to the Motorola Droid, I will not be doing any type of comparisons.  This will be a straight up review.  I can not make promises that some comparisons won't make it through, though.

The Palm Pixi Plus is a sleek little phone.  It has the polished feel one expects from Palm.  It is a definite step up from the Palm Centro, and other Palm phones that came out over the years.  It is a small form factor, responsive touch screen, and a quality qwerty keyboard.  Aside from that, it also includes standard features we all expect from Smartphones of this caliber.  You have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 3G coverage.

A kicker in regards to the Wi-Fi is that the Pixi Plus acts as a local Wi-Fi hotspot, for FREE!  No tethering fee's included!  This is great considering if you go traveling and need to keep everyone entertained.

The GPS is not as spot on as competing phones, but it serves its purpose well enough to help provide accurate local information in regards to weather, geo-location, etc.  I wouldn't want to rely on the GPS feature for navigating great distances, however.

The Touch interface on the Pixi Plus is unlike any previous Palm before.  In comparison to its ancestors, it is a testament to evolution.  The screen is smooth and everything just flies around and animates so nicely.  Getting rid of, and closing an open app on the device is as simple as flicking it off of the top of the screen.

The qwerty keyboard on the Pixi Plus reminds me a great deal of the Palm Centro.  The keys are all rubberized (which is nice) and small.  Honestly, they are to small.  My thumbs have a difficult time hitting them.  After some practice I am sure I can get around it. However small they are, though, the keys are responsive and do the job well.

All-in-all, I am pleased with the device.  It is a great starter smartphone for most people, as it has plenty of features without the overkill.  It may even be the perfect starter smartphone for young teens and pre-teens.

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  1. I just got the complinent sprint version.
    I read it's the same except no wifi. Meh.
    to be honest I hardly would need it, but
    it still would've been nice.

    but overall it's a great phone. Runs well,
    can handle multiple apps. Best of all it came
    free. That's a deal.