Friday, July 23, 2010

Remote Control Your Desktop with Your Android!

I am typing this first paragraph out using my Droid keyboard!  Yes, my Droid!  “How”, you ask? Easily with Android Desktop Remote!  Not only can I type with the keyboard, but the screen becomes a touchpad for the mouse.  How cool is that?  Now as cool as this is, what is the point?

Okay, back to the full keyboard.  Okay, so why did I do that first paragraph with the Droid keyboard instead of the normal keyboard?  And if I was going to write this out in that method, we not just use the WordPress app I already have installed?  That answer is this.  This [lite version of the] app gives users the ability to connect their Android powered phone to their desktop, or laptop, to control the keyboard and mouse over their wifi network.  However, the full version app goes even further by giving you full access to the entire desktop remotely, but still via wifi network.  Not just mouse and keyboard, but the entire thing is displayed on your Android phone.


Again, however, what makes the lite version special on its own rights?  It gives you great control over a media computer that you have connected to a TV!  No need for a bluetooth setup, just use your wifi network, and you can kick back on the couch and control the computer without a clunky keyboard and mouse/trackball.  Who doesn’t have their phone within arms reach anyway!  And let the wife try and tell you to stop hogging the remote!  If she doesn’t have an Android phone, that is her problem!


The response time is not perfect with the mouse.  If you have a lot of network traffic going on, expect the mouse to be a bit jumpy.  To quell this, try turning off the accelerate option.  I did that and noticed a bit smoother control.  Keyboard input is pretty straight forward.  The right shift button doesn’t seem to do much, but the left has to be held to get a capital letter, and hold the alt button to get special characters.  Once past these little issues, and you can have all kinds of fun!


I definitely recommend trying out the app!  I am including the QR-Code for the app in the Market Place, so scan it, and download folks!  Don’t forget to go To Android Desktop Remote’s website to download the required Windows companion app.




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  2. Yeah, sure. Please feel free to quote my blogs. Please just leave a link back to the original posts.