Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yahoo! on the Android...FINALLY!

Well, Yahoo finally has released their own apps for the Android platform.  This is several months after the release of the Droid, and nearly 2 years after the G1 brought the Android to our finger tips.  Was it worth the wait?  How does it stand up to everyone else?  Are you going to find it usable?  That all depends on how you feel about Yahoo, their Johnny Come Late approach and the interface.

Yahoo's apps are functional.  They do the jobs they are intended to.  Yahoo Messenger and Mail both have a notification system built in to notify you when you have waiting IM’s or Emails.  You get good email controls with all of the folders immediately viewable when you inter the Mail app.  From there you can see how many messages are in each folder, empty the trash and the spam folders, and so much more.  Two things currently missing is the ability to view your contacts, and syncing with your Phone contact list.  One thing that is in there is a nifty ability to switch to your Messenger.

Yahoo IM looks as familiar as possible on my Motorola Droid.  It is amazing.  Your groups are intact, it shows images and avatars, and it also shows either their Real Name as set on their contact info, or their username in Yahoo.  Another handful of features that make this a great messaging app is that you can easily do file transfers, image transfers, smiley faces, and Text Options.  Yahoo IM also has a quick and easy way to switch to Mail from within the app, making life a little easier.

My only complaint about Yahoo Messenger on Android is that it is horribly slow to load your friends list, and doesn't update the list as often, or as well, as it should.  I am hoping this is a problem fixed in later releases, as it is only version 1.0.1 as of right now.

Right now, your only alternatives to Yahoo Messenger and Mail is to use Google's built in Email app that is compatible with Yahoo Mail as of version 2.1 of the OS.  eBuddy and Meebo are alternative options for functional instant messaging with friends on not just Yahoo, but across multiple platforms.  However, using alternate IM clients means you loose certain features that Yahoo has implemented.

I say stick it out with the apps.  Use them and give Yahoo feed back.  Help them understand how to make the apps better.  I know I am.

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