Sunday, August 8, 2010

Android 2.2 Froyo on the Droid

froyo Well, this past week was THE week that Android 2.2, Froyo, was being pushed out to the Droid on the Verizon Wireless network via OTA.  However, not everyone got it due to some unnamed bug that Verizon and Motorola do not wish to announce.  I have some speculation on that, which I will share later.  However, what is Froyo like?  Is it worth the wait?  I dare say, it is well worth it, indeed!

So, if Verizon pulled the plug on the FRG01b, but you can go here and update your Droid on your own.  Trust me, this is super easy and doesn’t take long at all.  You will thank me later.  Don’t rush yourself, and follow the instructions.

Now, will you actually thank me?  I found the update well worth it, however, I am noticing a few things that make sense on why it was halted.  Remember how the Droid wouldn’t let you put the phone into landscape mode on the opposite side of the keyboard?  Well now it rotates to either side.  Makes no difference.  The only rotation not allowed is if you hold the phone upside down.  This can be a bit annoying as the accelerometer can be a bit overly sensitive.

Some say the virtual keyboard is better, but personally, I didn’t notice anything different, other than it has a few new touch features integrated into it for quicker and easier typing.

The camera is really impressive.  I was pleased with how easy it was to use it.  No more hidden options.  Everything is on the screen, slightly transparent.

One thing everyone was eager about was the tethering.  Unfortunately, due to something about the “hardware limitations” of the Droid, there is NO WiFi tethering.  The only tethering you are allowed is USB.  One problem here is that you have to subscribe to the Verizon Tethering plan.  No thank you.  I recommend using PDAnet or EasyTether for you non-rooted users.  Rooted users have other options as well.  All are one time purchases and do the same exact thing.

The big deal is speed here.  WOW!  Froyo FLIES!  I am very impressed with the speed this thing has now.  I use LauncherPro for my home replacement, and still use it due to a few features I like.  This even runs faster.  I also have noticed longer battery life.  That is two things that Froyo promised AND delivered.

Now, keep in mind that as of the 12th, which is the same day as the Droid 2 release, Verizon will be releasing FRG22 OTA.  This will fix this mysterious bug.  I admit, FRG01b does seem to have a couple minor issues, but nothing that I have regretted.  I also dare say that these will NOT be issues you will regret if you decide to jump the gun.  If you go and update yourself, you will STILL get the FRG22 OTA.  So, either way, no worries.

One last thing.  Flash has been pushed back to August 18th.  Not a big issue, but there is again work arounds for it.  The flash you can get for it is NOT perfect, and is a little buggy, but still worth it.  If not for bragging rights.  You can download that here!  When the official release comes out, you can easily get it and install it over this beta version.

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