Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Android App review – Aldiko

What is Aldiko, you ask?  Aldiko is a free ebook reader for the Android platform.  It has been available for a little while now, and offers a great deal amount of public domain books.  You can also find books that are newer, and that cost.  Another beauty of this app?  With Calibre, you can download ePubs, or any format ebook, and convert it to a friendly format of ePub and then place them in the ebook folder on your SD card under the Import sub-folder and import them to your book shelf.

The Android platform is a great method of reading an ebook.  It is with you everywhere, the screen is clear and bright, and very portable.  Devices like the Archos 5 IT and 7 home tablet series and the Droid X have large screens that make it even easier to read with.  The venerable Droid (1) is also a wonderful ereading device.

I love this app and have toyed with others over the last few months.  None have come close.  Only the Nook and Kindle apps come close, but with the ability to import my own epub books, Aldiko stands on top of my favorites.

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