Thursday, August 19, 2010

Android App Review – Apps Organizer

Tired of an unorganized listing of all of your apps on your Android powered phone?  Look no further than for the glorious Apps Organizer.  It helps categorize and then organize all of your apps on your device in a method you like most.  A wonderful FREE app with a lot of great features.

What kind of features does Apps Organizer offer you?

  1. Preset and User defined categories
  2. Widget and shortcut options to put the categories on a desired home screen
  3. Makes for a great replacement of the App Drawer
  4. Category icons can be user defined to fit the category in question

I find this app a wonderful tool.  I also love how you can essentially integrate the widget menu of all the categories into the doc of LauncherPro.

This app does a great job of taking the clutter of the default App Drawer and clean it up so that you can quickly and easily find the app you are looking for.  It even makes it a great replacement for the built in Folders option on the Android platform.  A benefit over using this over Folders is that Apps Organizer automatically keeps everything alphabetized.

This is a free app that will will really enjoy.  Especially since there are no stand alone app drawer replacement apps.

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