Monday, August 16, 2010

Android App Review – LauncherPro

So, are you tired of the standard Android Home interface, or maybe you aren’t a fan of Blur or Sense UI for your Android.  Introducing LauncherPro for the Android Platform.  A simple, yet intuitive and feature rich home replacement.

So, what does LauncherPro offer that others don’t?  Well you won’t find any fancy theme’s.  You won’t find any radical adjustments either.  LauncherPro simply gives you up to 7 home screens, up to 3 docks at the bottom, 3D app drawer, and a couple widgets (if you purchase the full version).

When I updated to Froyo, I noticed the interface got a smoother feeling.  It runs great on Android 2.1, but with Froyo, it just felt cleaner and smoother.

The zoom out/in home viewer/selector is impressive.  I have it set to the slowest animation, which gives it a really neat effect.  The scrolling dock at the bottom is also quite nice.  It gives you the ability to place additional icons onto your screen.

Overall, it may seem a bit pointless with Froyo to some, but with the specialized features it offers, such as the the three docks, it is very much well worth it.  There are a lot of specialized options just for this app that customizes how it acts.  Especially for being free!

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