Friday, August 27, 2010

Do NOT update that ROOTED Droid!

A little late breaking news popping up around the Android/Droid community this evening is that FRG22b is NOT Root-able at this time! has a story about the latest build linked on their site in that article, but strongly recommend to anyone with a Rooted Droid to NOT perform the update.  I do recommend downloading the update to your PC, Laptop, or even your Droid itself as if you decide to wait for an update to your favorite rooting app, you may miss the OTA timeline.

Unstable Apps also has a post this evening recommending Droid users to hold off updating until they can fix EasyRoot (my favorite rooting app).

For anyone that is not rooted, feel free to update at your leisure.  The rooting issue does not impact your update in any way.  For those that did root their device to gain WiFi Tethering (via ad hoc) and overclocking, please heed the warning.

I will post an update as soon as information is released upon whether or not anyone has been able to root FRG22b.

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