Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WiFi Hotspot/Tethering with the Droid

So, are you feeling a little jealous that everyone else with Froyo is getting Wifi Tethering?  Do you feel the need to get a newer Droid model phone so you to can WiFi Tether?  How about two easy steps to take care of that?  One of these steps makes life so amazingly easy, you will wonder why everyone hasn’t bothered with it!

CAP201008101823 My First recommendation is go to Unstable Apps website and download their EasyRoot app for your Droid.  Don’t worry.  If you are already upgraded to 2.2 Froyo, it is compatible.  Once installed, you will need to pay for the unlock key.  Now there are three different options to pay here.  The .99 cent option gives you all the same goodies as the $4.99 option.  It all boils down to your generosity.  Going through the steps to root your phone is as simple as literally reading the instructions on theCAP201008101844 screen, and pushing a button.  That is literally all.  Once rooted, you will reboot the phone, and when you return to Easy Root, you will be presented with the same screen as I am shoing here.

Now, what about WiFi Tethering?  No problem.  There are  some great totally free Wifi Tethering apps in the market.  These tethering options are full featured, do not “block” anything, and give you complete use of your connection, all via Wifi.  This case is more or less an issue of CAP201008101931which do you prefer.  I have tried a couple and they all seem relatively easy to set up and use.  Just a matter of preference.

I personally found that Barnacle was a much more stable method of connecting when I am using more than one device.  I also like the notification icon a bit more.

Both apps that I personally like both have Access Control which means you can block an unwanted incoming connection from using your connection to the internet.  It is a great feature, and lets you not have to use WEP encryption.  Personally, I am not a big WEP supporter as I have always experienced issues with it.  I have found MAC filtering a relatively fine method of keeping people off of my home networks.

So, you thought Verizon and Motorola said the Droid was not capable of doing Wifi Tethering?  It technically can’t.  However, it can do Ad Hoc networking.  My next test will come later when I decide to try my PSP and DS Lites on this connection.

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