Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flash on Droid 1…big deal.

adobe_flash_newOkay, so Adobe Flash 10.1 has been on the Droid 1 for a little while now.  There is a list of supported devices on the Adobe Flash site, and Droid is listed as one of those with limited abilities.  Weren’t we promised a full Flash experience with 2.1?  Okay, so it is here now with 2.2, however, what good is it?  Have you tried to use it for the things you dreamt of using it for?  I have, and let me tell you how disappointed I am.  What am I disappointed over?

Well, primarily over the poor Hulu and Fancast playback.  Video playback on the 600mhtz ARM Processor for the Droid just doesn’t handle the streaming video very well.  However, we were promised that this version of Flash was going to be specially designed to give us these experiences.  That this version of Flash was going to help us do all we wanted to do.  To give us a full internet experience.  Yeah, right.

There are some sites that Flash on theandroid_flash1 Droid works wonderfully, such as and its fun games.  A lot of Facebook games aren’t doing to well.  Don’t expect to be checking your farm anytime soon on Farmville.  Also, Evony Age II doesn’t play to smoothly either.

What it seems to boil down to is that Flash on the Droid simply gives advertisements the ability to properly run and display on non-mobile sites.  JOY!  Just wanted I wanted, the flash ads to work!

Higher end Droid devices should do better than the Droid simply based on the fact that they have 1ghtz and faster processors inside.  However, if you look hard enough, there are some good flash apps out there that you can play on your Droid 1.

Why not list your favorites below in the comments section!

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