Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jaiku Down today…if anyone actually cares

jaiku Jaiku, which was bought by Google back in 2008, is currently experiencing some odd down time.  Not to sound snarky, but it couldn’t be due to high user volume.  Jaiku is one of those services that had the potential to be a contender in the microblogging scene, but was essentially squashed by Google.  Google instead put it on a back burner, left to simmer, and opted for their own Google Buzz application.  Gee wiz, I wonder which of these two services would have been better?

Even after two years of simmering on the back burners, Jaiku  still has MORE potential and promise than Google Buzz, that has been going on for a year or so.  Google Buzz, as a concept, is interesting, however, it just didn’t have the polishGoogle Buzz Logo to make it a true contender.  Plus, with the built in reliance on Gmail to function, it makes it almost a hindrance to really enjoy.

So what should be Google big move with Jaiku?  Integrate it into Google buzz, or vice versa, to give Buzz the stand alone power it really needs.  Take Jaiku and create a proper Android App so to give Android users something to use over Twitter, to produce proper choices.  Lastly, Jaiku would make a powerful tool in their rumored Social Network being developed.

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  1. I actually noticed (and cared!) about this.

    I definitely wish there was a Jaiku Android app.