Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My PC Maintenance Toolkit

When you own a PC, there should always be a selection of apps that you use on a regular basis to ensure your computer runs optimally, and is malware/virus free.  However, it seems that there are a lot of individuals paying hundreds of dollars, if not thousands of dollars a year, to clean up their computer.  Why spend that much when you could do it yourself, and have it automated!?  Here are a few tools, that are free, that will help keep your computer running clean and fast.

  1. CCleaner – This app is a wonderful tool that will remove old files, and clean up your registry.  There is also a nice start up manager to turn off, or delete, apps that start up with your computer.
  2. Glary Utilities – This is a great tool, as well.  It is a bit more robust than CCleaner and includes a useful auto scanner.  Highly recommended.
  3. Revo Uninstaller – This uninstaller app will completely delete everything that an app leaves behind.  This tool not only deletes the app, but also removes the registry entries that tend to get left behind.
  4. Xirrus WiFi Inspector – This awesome application helps you find a good, stable, accessible Wi-Fi connection in your area.  It not only finds one, but tells you how strong it is.
  5. Recuva – This is a great tool to recover (recuva) deleted files.  Very useful, and easy to use.
  6. Windows Security Essentials – A free antispyware/antivirus tool from Microsoft.  It actually does a great job, and is NOT a resource hog.
  7. Malwarebytes – A free antimalware application.  The free version is not an always on tool, but if you pay the small premium price, it runs in the background.  Either way, as an on-demand scanner, it is powerful.
  8. System Nucleus – This is probably the most advanced of the tools.  This is an all encompassing application that has tons of tools at your disposal.  It is not difficult to use, but will provide a great deal amount of time to perhaps get the hang of.  Well worth it though
  9. PC Brother – This is a great optimization tool for your PC.  It will deactivate the unnecessary aspects of Windows, yet not diminish your experience.  VERY easy to use.  Very user friendly.
  10. MemTest86 – The original tool to test your hardware, and memory issues.  This tool is a bit more advanced that what most people are used to, but will quickly and easily diagnose your PC to determine if you need new hardware, such as RAM, HDD, or other hardware.
  11. MemTest86+ – A branch off of the original MemTest86.  Claims to be more upto date, and have more features.

All in all, those are the best apps you could ever use to keep your computer running smoothly, and efficiently.  It should also help keep your visits to any “Geeks” to a minimum.

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