Sunday, September 5, 2010

MySpace has new look

myspace-logo So, did anyone notice Myspace got a brand new look?  A better question seems to be if anyone really cares.

The new look has been rolling out for the last month or so, and not a single news outlet has made any comment in regards to it.  Is this a sign indicating the official status of MySpace as being old news, and unimportant in the Social Networking Paradigm?

A few years ago, anytime MySpace did ANYTHING, it made the news.  It may not have been headline news, but it made it none the less.  Now a days, if anyone at Facebook sneezes funny, it is being reported.  Today, MySpace re-invents its image and not a single person gives a darn.

You want to know why?  Because News Corps has allowed MySpace to drift into a void.  It isn’t quite dead because of MySpace loyalists, but it isn’t thriving with new members.  I recall a day when you couldn’t walk into the mall and see MySpace t-shirts in the clothing shops.  Today, nothing.

MySpace rolled out a new look that edges closer to Facebook’s minimalist style.  It isn’t as cluttered and busy as it used to be.  That is a great thing.  MySpace’s home page was getting to a point where it was so cluttered with information and overall crap that navigating was a chore.  Load times were also rather slow, even on faster than lightning broadband connections.

The new look ushers in a more streamlined 2-column appearance.  You have instant access to the important things, such as the Bulletin Board, notifications, messages, birthdays, events, and your friends listed at the bottom.  All of the rest is easily found in a navigation bar right beneath the MySpace logo and ad space.  I find this makes it much easier to get around in MySpace.

Sadly, these cosmetic changes make no difference on MySpace’s user base.  People find MySpace irrelevant today.  MySpace isn’t as deeply integrated into the web as Facebook has become.  Nor can you integrate your MySpace friends and contacts into your contacts on your smartphone, just like Facebook can.  Even worse, MySpace is showing its second banana status by making it so you can integrate your Facebook with MySpace.

Folks, MySpace was one the top dog in the Social Networking world.  Today, it is slipping to the likes of Facebook and Twitter.  It doesn’t have the impact it once had.  It doesn’t offer the depth of usability that Facebook offers, nor does it give any special privileges to Artists and Musicians as Facebook offers.

This is not a rumor, nor anything I have “heard” else where, but is nothing more than personal speculation.  I honestly see MySpace being sold off down the road.  I admit, if it is, it will be a HUGE bargaining chip for anyone that takes it up.  It is a boat that isn’t exactly sinking, but it does need some updates and repairs.  A face lift isn’t enough.

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