Sunday, October 10, 2010

Alternative Market Places for Android

So, you aren’t a big fan of Google’s default Android Market.  Well, from the sounds of things, you are not the only one.  The Android Market is a horribly uncontrolled environment where spammers and hackers can create apps, sell them for as little as .99 cents and then proceed to steal whatever information on your phone they feel privy to.  Not only this, but the organization of the Android Market has left many users bewildered and lost when trying to find the simplest of applications.  There just are NOT enough categories leaving many apps to spill over into the wrong areas.  Also doesn’t help that no one seems to be monitoring any of these problems.  With that all in mind, in comes a couple alternatives to this problem!  SlideMe, AppsLib, AndSpot, AndroLib, and Amazon are all stepping up to the plate.

So what is the point?  Why not just make Market better?  That is a great point really.  Why doesn’t Google make Market better?  Who knows really.  Perhaps with the onset of these new players, especially with Amazon stepping up to the plate, maybe Google WILL get behind the ball and get it rolling again.  Android is a growing, breathing and almost living entity now.  It is a platform that Google needs to pamper and temper.  It needs to ensure that all of the pieces to this puzzle are perfect, especially when competing with the likes of Apple’s iPhone and iTunes.

Google does seem to have a little bit of help when it comes to making the market a better place.  AppBrain adds a lot more functionality to the Market place.  Problem with AppBrain is that it is not a stand alone market place.  The only major issue here with that is how they would go about it.

So, what is the real benefit here with these alternatives besides better market experiences?  Tablet devices, that is where they are needed most.  Right now, there are a LOT of Froyo based tablets hitting the market in the next few weeks.  Archos has their major line up of devices that are impressive in design and could easily lead the pack.  Other players are releasing devices that intend to push the envelope and take your money.  The major problem they are all facing right now is that Google is not authorizing the Market on those devices.  The only tablet device coming out with Market in place is Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.  Google’s own Google TV is also not getting a proper Market either, and it is built around Android!

SlideMe, AppsLib, AndSpot, AndroLib, and Amazon are poised and in position to step in and claim the tablet space that is poised to boom over the next few weeks.  This is a market environment that Google has obviously left abandoned due to their own fears, or perhaps lack of willingness to work on the issues that will arise.

One thing for certain with these alternatives, I am feeling very excited to owning an Archos 10.1 again.

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