Sunday, October 10, 2010

Android App Comparison – App to SD apps managers

So, you have an Android phone with Froyo installed.  You also happen to be one of those Android phone owners that are hurting for internal memory, like on the Droid with its 256mbs of memory.  Well no fear!  Froyo, Android 2.2, has a feature that allows you to move an app to the microSD card.  I am going to introduce you to three stand alone apps, and one app that has it built in that helps you monitor and manage those Apps that can be Moved to SD.

First thing to keep in mind in regards to all of these apps is that they do not actually move the apps to the SD card for you.  The primary purpose for these apps is to monitor your installations and determine whether or not that newly installed app, or even a recently updated app is available for a relocation.  The three stand alone apps I am covering are also moveable to your SD card making their purpose front and center.

App to SD – Here is a trusty app.  It is from the developers of Dolphin HD browser.  This is a nice little app.  It is fast, light weight and easy to use.  My primary issue with this app is that it has given me false positives.  I have the G4tv and Google Goggles apps installed and App to SD tells me that they are both moveable when in fact they are not.  Icons are displayed promptly and of decent size.  Sadly, no ability to select multiple apps and move them in that fashion.

Move to SD – This is a pretty basic app in the line up, and saying that is bad.  Nothing special in regards to features, but again, I am getting a false positive with G4tv.  One nice thing is how they memory space bar is split at the top below the respective tab.  This makes it extremely easy to determine space in each location.

App 2 SD - This is a handy, and attractive app in itself.  It has a nice button looking display for each app that it finds that can be moved to the SD card.  It doesn’t have a built in multi app function, but that really doesn’t matter as per said above.  One thing that sets apart from the pack is that it didn’t give me any false positives.  It is light weight and easy to use.  My only issue is that each time you open the app, it scans ALL of your apps to determine if you can move any of them.

All three of these apps not only have a tab for apps that can be moved, but they all have a tab to show what is currently on the SD card.  This is a nice feature to help remember what apps you may have already moved.  App to SD and App2SD both have a tab to display apps that are installed to your phone that can not be moved.

Last app to have this feature that is more or less a multi-purpose app is Advanced Task Manager.  This used to be a great app to help extend battery life by killing apps that ran in the background.  Since Froyo changed the way apps in the background are handled, ATM was repurposed to handle a few other features to make it worth while.  One of those functions is the ability to move apps to the SD.  It is a decent feature, but not as well done as Apps2SD or ApptoSD.  It also gave the false positive with G4tv.

All in all my choice app here is App2SD.  It may have to refresh every time you open the app, but it does not seem to display false positives as much as the others did.  It also has a very well designed interface.

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