Thursday, October 21, 2010

Google’s Android Apps in Market

GoogleLogoSo what does it mean when Google starts releasing all of the various apps that make the Android Google?  Google is more than likely just being preemptive on keeping Google a part of Android when it comes to the manufacturers and carriers removing certain Google apps from the OS before shipping.  Samsung, Motorola, and a few others are seemingly releasing handsets that are removing Google Search and replacing it with Bing.  Garmin has a phone with GPS but took out Google Maps.  See the trend here?  Google created Android, but it seems the industry is stripping Android of Google.  Google obviously doesn’t like this, and is doing something to rectify this.

androidIn the last few months, we have seen Google take certain aspects of the Android platform and make them stand alone apps in the market.  Gmail, Maps, Buzz, and now Youtube.  These are all available separately.  This is actually a great thing considering it opens the doors to some of the tablet manufactures out there that do not have Google apps on their devices.  However, the real benefit is for the users.  One buys Android handsets because they like Google products.  They use Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Search.  They don’t want a Google Android device powered by Microsoft Bing.  That makes no sense!

Another benefit that Google may not be considering is this is a blessing for the mod scene.  Anyone that wants a cleaner ROM installation, such as CyanogenMOD, can have only the Google apps they want.  I dare say Google should make Google Talk a stand alone app as well.

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