Thursday, October 28, 2010

MySpace’s New Direction

myspace-logoStill not certain what to do with that old MySpace account that you have, but hardly ever actually use?  Well MySpace is heading in a new direction.  Instead of being a people centric social network, it will be become a media entertainment centric social network.  In an attempt to differentiate themselves from Facebook, and from what all the current, long standing members are used to, MySpace has decided to go in a direction that caters more to musicians, media outlets, movie companies and various types of artists.  What does this mean for all of its current members though?

It seems that MySpaces grand scheme is to take the “current happenings” of the music, movie, and television industry and plaster it all over their home page.  On top of that, members landing pages will be plastered with content that is related to their “interests”, their friends “interests”, and new content suggestions that MySpace may “think” you are interested in.

This is an interesting, and possibly much needed, move that MySpace is making.  However, it seems that more and more people are gravitating towards people centric social networks that keep them connected to friends and family, and putting general “interests” and “likes” in their news feeds.  For members that stuck to MySpace as a means to share photos and videos with friends and family may soon discover that it won’t be quite the same.  Sure, you may still retain some of the familiar functionality, but it may not be as expansive.

Another thing that many people found annoying was the random musicians asking to “be a friend”.  Well, prepare to get MORE of that!  MySpace really is pushing towards catering to those who eat, sleep and live music, television and movies.  If you wish to keep up to date with what REALLY matters, like friends and family, then you are best to stick to Facebook.

MySpace is apparently attempting to move in on a social networking genre that GetGlue has pretty well secured.  Not only is the app amazingly easy to use, but it also covers a majority of the primary websites functionality.  What about MySpace?  Will they take their time in updating their smartphone apps to reflect the new aspects of the site?  We will have to see.

And here I gave kudos to MySpace for the new look a few weeks back.  I smell a buy out in MySpace’s future.

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