Thursday, October 28, 2010

Secure Your Android

biohazard_sign_by_badboo_350eMobile security has always been something that has had the eye of major venders keen to monitor.  However, there was never a real market for having antivirus or antimalware on your mobile device since most devices were never really targeted by malicious coders.  However, smartphones are in more pockets of more consumers than ever before.  Those number are also growing.  What does this mean?  More mobile devices are carrying around PayPal and various Market log in information that gives hackers access to private and sensitive information.  If you head over to AppBrain and do a search on “Security", you will notice a HUGE listing of security programs designed to keep you safe from hackers and more.

A majority of the best apps all offer some basic tools.  First is antimalware protection.  This is the basics folks.  What we get here is realtime scans, scheduled scans and updated definitions.  Next we have is location services.  Lost your phone?  No problem as the better apps all have some kind of service that helps you find your device. Thirdly, we will get some kind of backup service.  Lastly, a newer feature being implemented by most programs is remote lock/wipe.  This is a great idea for if you either lost your phone, or are afraid it was stolen.  Either way, you don’t want your sensitive information available to whom ever has your phone.

So, which one’s should you look at and take into consideration?  Let me list a few for you!



Lookout Security (Free, Premium – $2.99/mo. & $29.99/yr)

Offers:  Real Time and On Demand Anti-Malware protection, Backup & Restore Contacts, Pictures, and Call History, Backup and access data from anywhere, Phone Location services (Update 11-2-10: Lookout will also be releasing a Premium version with the additional features – Privacy Advisor, Remote Wipe, and Remote Lock)


supseclogoSuper Security (Free and without ads)

Offers: Missing devide find back, Task Manager, anti malware, Software Manager, Strongbox, Communitiy based antivirus engine


essecmanlogoES Security Manager (Free)

Offers:  Real Time and On Demand Anti-Malware Protection, Privacy Protection, Phone Location services



Norton Mobile Security (Beta, Free)

Offers:  Remote lock and wipe, Norton-strength anti-malware protection, Call screening



Trend Micro Mobile Essentials (Beta, Free)

Offers:  Real Time and On Demand Anti-Malware Protection, Web Security, Call/Messaging Filter, Security Password, Filters



WaveSecure Mobile Security (Trial, $?)

Offers:  Phone Locator, Track SIM in phone, Backup & Restore, Backup and access data from anywhere, Lock & Wipe, Wipe data remotely


secprologoSecurity Pro ($9.99)

Offers:  Real time and on demand Anti-Malware Protection, ‘findR’ online service for identifying phone location


Honestly, all of these are just a few of the numerous on AppBrain, and the Android Market.  These are the more recognized apps on listed with the highest ratings.  These are also the more fuller featured apps worth checking out.  In some cases, it may boil down to choosing an app that you like most.  In a couple cases, it can even mean a combination of applications.  Either way, with as many free options as there are to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this listing.

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