Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Android App Review–Pulse News Reader

pulselogo3Looking for a good RSS reader, but don’t want something cluttered and has a nice interface?  Look no further than Pulse News Reader.  This is a snazzy, clean and powerful digital magazine stylized RSS reader that everyone should have on their Android phone.  Why?  Because it makes reading your favorite news feeds fun and easy.  The interface is neat, stylized and smooth to navigate.  It also contains some great features that make it worth your while in the overall long run.  It does have a couple short comings, but those short comings are nothing to worry about.

So why do you want a news feed reader on your droid for?  Here is a good reason, it collects all of the news from your favorite news blogs and websites and places them into a single reader.  It allows you to view the articles you want to read without having to open up your browser and go from website to website.CAP201011161211

Sounds great?  I thought so.  Pulse News Reader goes above and beyond the call of duty here folks.  What we have here is something that gives us a chance to peruse our favorite news feeds in a gorgeous digital magazine style format.  The scrolling of articles is smooth and very clean.  I also found the way it pulled images from blogs and feeds and placed them in the listings perfect.

A major advantage to using this app is that you can read the article from within the app itself!  You can choose between the default app engine, or the actual web page.  The in app view is clean and works great where the web page seems to load a tad slowly.  You also don’t see the ads from various websites when viewed from with in the app itself.

One down fall to the app that a lot of users are complaining about is the limit to just 20 feeds.  For many, this is probably something of a non-issue, but for the news junkies that follow news feeds that all cover the same exact thing, it could be a bit of a downer.  Personally, I am doing good.  I have all of my bases covered.  One way around this is if you use Facebook and follow/liked any news outlets that actually post to their Facebook pages, then you can get an interesting mix in the Facebook Links feed.  It is pretty impressive actually.

Up until just yesterday, Pulse News Reader cost a whopping dollar on the market.  However, the developers decided that they wanted a larger user base and have made the app free.  They intend to find other avenues to generate revenue with the app.  With an app like this that is on the iPad, iPhone, and Android platforms, various media outlets may want to pay the developers for “feature” status, or find a means to create ads that can be slipped into the feeds.

Regardless of how they intend to make money off of Pulse News Reader, this is my officially favorite news feed app.  And hey, why not add this sites RSS feed to your list?

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