Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mobile Social Gaming, Papaya Style

So, do you want to play your favorite social networking games on the go, but want to do so on your Android?  Well, let me introduce you to Papaya Mobile!  A collection of fun and interesting little titles that are very similar to titles like Farmville, Petville, and many other popular Zynga titles, and various other types of social games.


Papaya Mobile is one of those little companies that is obviously very Chinese.  However, even though the games look like imitations of Zynga titles (which they are), they don’t feel cheap.  They are deep enough to enjoy, and fun to play.  It also helps make your Android phone feel that much more socially connected with games like these.  It is also a pleasant game to play since Farmville isn’t available on the Android platform at this time.

Farm – First off is Papaya Farm.  This title is very reminiscent of Farmville and Farm Town.  However, it is shrunk down effectively with all the necessary play elements to keep the feel of the original titles it is based off of.  You can also interact with your friends’ farms by watering and weeding their gardens, or steal their ripe produce.

Pet – Is straight up just like Petville.  You help take care of a virtual pet that lives in his or her own home.  You check in regularly to help clean up, feed, and furnish their home.  You can also take your pet to your friends’ pets homes to hang out and have fun.

Fish – You guessed it, it is just like Fishville, and other various types of virtual fish tank games.  Not much different here.

Papaya Mobile has several other titles that you can download each separately, or as a package deal with Papaya Mobile app.  This is a great method of keeping all of your games in one accessible application, and ties it all together.  With this, you also have quicker access to your Papaya Profile and information.

Like most, if not all, other social games these are all free to play and enjoy.  To get the most out of the game, however, you will need to purchase Papaya’s.  These are Papaya Mobiles in game money.  This will allow you to purchase rare items, or in some instances needed items.  There are methods of getting “free papaya’s”, but sometimes it isn’t always worth the effort.  For some, this is a killer for social games.  Especially when the producers are trying to make money off of the app via in game ads and in game money.  Please, pick one and stick to it.

Overall, I think the average user will enjoy the title.  It isn’t a demanding game, but offers enough to do to keep one busy for a while.

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