Thursday, November 11, 2010

A True MMORPG for Android

pl_logoYes, you read the headline correctly.  There is a real, true MMO RPG available for the Android Platform.  However, what is it called, how much does it cost, and is it actually fun?  How many times have we searched the Android Market using terms like “MMO”, or “RPG”, or “MMORPG” only to have results of games from Storm8 that look and play exactly like “MMO” games on Facebook and MySpace?  To many times, that is how many.  Well, look no further than for Pocket Legends!

So, what is “Pocket Legends”?  It is an immersive, and enjoyable 3D MMORPG in the vein of such favorites like World of Warcraft, Perfect World, and others.  The game is not a static screen of 2D images that have buttons you click ever few minutes to “attack” or “cast a spell” that you never actually see.  This is a game that has 3D characters that you control, battle, or befriend.

The touch controls are accurate and well plotted, especially since the game is in beta.  You are not fighting with your screen to get your character to do what you want.  If you don’t want to “click” where you want to go, you can use the virtual analog nub to control your character.  Attacks, spells, and talking are all simple clicks of an icon on the screen.

Graphically, the game is impressive, even on my older Motorola Droid.  My one complaint, which is NOT the games fault is that it can feel a bit crowded on the screen when you play.  Again, I do not blame the game as I am certain this game is much more roomier on devices such as the Droid X, or even the Galaxy Tab!pl_splash

So, how about characters?  As you can see in the image to the right, there are three character classes, each represented with a different races.  The Hawk is an archer, the Bear is a Warrior, and the Gelfling-looking girl is an Enchantress/Sorceress.  The classes are not interchangeable, which I am hoping will be added in later updates.  However, each class seems to fit well enough with the race associated.

The World for Pocket Legends is vast and open with plenty of quests to do, with new content going to be added as the beta progresses.  I am sure that many players will have plenty to do to level up their characters.

Another great feature is if you have friends on iOS devices, such as iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, you can play with them on your Android device.  Spacetime made sure that their world was accessible by not just one device.

So, how does Spacetime Studios, the producers, intend to make money?  This game uses a premium store system.  Essentially, you can play for free, and for some players this is perfectly fin.  However, there are others that will want to fully customize their experience, their character, and get more out of the game.  This is where Platinum comes into play.  To get platinum, you have to spend real world dollars to get it.  Once you have platinum, you can by special elixirs, armor, weapons, and more.  There is also a premium area of the game that will require you to pay platinum/real world money to access.

What does the game look like?  You can check out their images page to view some in game screen shots that look like they are from the iPhone/iPad version of the game.  When I get a chance, or remember, I will do some screen caps of the action and post them on the Facebook page.  No promises though.

So, go download this 30mb behemoth of a game.  Create an account for free, and find me!  My username is ETSchuetz, and my Warrior is Eloric.


  1. Hey, thanks so much for the post! We are VERY excited to be coming to Android. We would love to have your feedback:

  2. Awesome game. I mean its like crack I can't stop then I hit level 18 booo gotta get some platinum. Really good game keep the updates coming.

  3. I'm just now discovering this game and I gotta admit it's a lot better then some these other games they got out now.