Monday, December 27, 2010

Android App Review – Go!Chat for Facebook

GoChatLoving that Android powered phone of yours?  Excited about how Facebook finally released Chat as part of their app?  Were you let down with how well it didn’t work on your older android device?  Welcome to the real world!  Well fret not as there is a perfectly good alternative that is actually better than the primary.  What is it?  It is called Go!Chat for Facebook!  There is a free version that is ad supported, and a premium version.  As both are generally the same, I will review the free version here, as I do not have the premium version.

Go!Chat takes the joy of Facebook at makes it extremely easy to use.  It just seems that today less and less people worry about IM via Yahoo! IM, Windows Live, or AIM.  Facebook and Texting.  Those are the preferred method now.  What do you expect when we are all on our phones more than our desktops.  When we are at our desktops, we are spending tons of time on Facebook, or some time consuming MMO.

What SpartanBits is attempting to do is take the instant part of Facebook and make it more accessible to you the user.  Here it is!  Go!Chat has a great looking interface that just feels like it was a part of Android.  It almost feels like using Google Talk on your Android device, but thanks to a few extra features added, it has gone beyond that.  This app even has MORE features than what Facebook’s own integrated chat offers.

What features does Go!Chat offer?  Check it out!

  • Easy & Secure Facebook chat login
  • Nice UI
  • Smileys
  • Facebook groups
  • Favorites notifications
  • Friend alias
  • Share images and location
  • Send video, photos and voice notes
  • Swap conversations with gestures
  • Homescreen Widget

And these are the features for the free version.  The paid version gets you more.

So I will tell you, this app runs and works perfectly.  It may be a bit of a drain on the battery due to being connected/pinging a lot, but it doesn’t kill the battery to fast.  The interface is clean.  There are so many features, and they all work great.  My only real major complaint is that the paid app is $4.10 USD.  If the app was $.99 or even $1.99, it would be a great price, but once we get past the $2.99 price point for a IM app, it gets questionable.  Arguably, this is the best Facebook chat app on the market though.  If the price were to come down significantly, I would most assuredly jump on it and stop using the ad supported version.

All in all I put Go!Chat above ALL other Facebook apps in the market.  Go give it a shot and tell me you found one better.  I dare you.

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  1. Really want to know where the pictures taken in GoChat end up on my phone. After I take and click okay and send, it's gone. I don't see it anywhere on my phone. Is it really just gone or is it saved somewhere I'm not seeing?