Saturday, December 18, 2010

Facebook’s Android App update

facebook-logoSo, have you updated to the lastest version of Facebook on your Android phone?  Are you excited about native chat service from within the app?  How about the push notifications?  You are probably experiencing more frustration based on the lack of pushes, and the fact that chat keeps logging you out.  Is this going to be the end all to the app that brings Facebook to your phone?  I seriously doubt it.

I fully anticipate further updates soon for the Facebook Android app.  Why?  The app isn’t staying logged into chat properly, and on some older phones, it does not do push notifications.  These are features that a LOT of users were happy to find out about, including myself.  However, due to the glitch of not staying logged in properly, it has left me wanting more.  Personally, I am sticking to Go!Chat for Facebook Chat until Facebook’s app gets everything worked out.

Speaking of Facebook.  If you go to edit your profile, you may also notice that you have the option of adding your favorite games to your “Arts and Entertainment” section  For me, as a gamer, this is awesome.  I play a lot of games and like to find others that play similar titles.  For those that play on newer, more modern systems, this is a key addition to help them connect with other players.

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