Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox

chrome-vs-firefoxSo, are you like me where you have Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome all installed but only use one of them?  I bet you even have a couple other browsers installed because they looked cool at first, but lost interest after a couple uses.  Me too.  Don’t feel bad.  However, Google Chrome has always been this one browser that I wanted to use more, but never felt like it matched the power and usefulness I got from Mozilla’s Firefox.  Now, here we are with Chrome up to version 9.x and offering tons of great extensions and apps.

Google has been generally been playing catch up ever since they released Chrome a couple of years ago.  Firefox had been established as the browser to beat when it came to extensions, user friendly interfaces, and more.  Google has realized what an uphill battle it was, and fought hard to get to where they are now with Chrome.  So what makes Chrome worth your time to check out?

Google introduced extensions about 4 versions back.  With extensions, users found a LOT more functionality out of Chrome.  Since then we have seen numerous types of extensions pop up.  Most of them seem to give access to the web version of certain sites, but that is quite alright as it adds quick and easy access to the functions and features of those sites we needed.  Why bother building a complete app just to get access to the very features one uses in the mobile edition?

Now, we have the Google Chrome Webstore.  This is Google’s method of introducing applications to the Chrome experience without having to go outside of the browser to do so.  This is also Google’s method of adding additional functionality to the soon to be mass released Chrome OS platform.  One particular app that really makes an impression is TweekDeck for Chrome.  It retains much of the functionality found in the Desktop rendition, but slimmed and trimmed to run fast, smooth, and Adobe-less within Google Chrome’s HTML5 and Javascript friendly environment.  Other apps will come along to take advantage of this, such as various games and Picnik, a photo editing app, and Todo.ly, a Task Management app.

Right now, I intend to use Chrome exclusively over Firefox to determine if I prefer it over my usual favorite, Firefox.  My intent is to find out if I get the same beneficial experience as I would from Firefox, along with if there is a faster browsing experience from Chrome, which is supposedly promised from Google.

Right now, I will tell you that Firefox may have to do some extra hard work after I finish my personal evaluation.  In just the few hours I have really delved into it, I am really loving it!

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