Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Make Google Chrome Productive

google-chrome-logoSo, you have Google Chrome installed and want to know how you can make it supremely productive for you?  Easy!  All you need to do is install a few extensions and apps, and then you are off.  It really isn’t all that difficult to do, and Chrome is so sleek and fast, you will be glad you did this!  There are so many different web sites and services in the cloud that make it all to easy to consolidate, be productive, and look professional that you can’t help but try to take advantage of this!  I will list a few of my favorite recommendations along with some basic info.

Evernote – This extension makes it easy to write up some notes, especially if it has anything to do with a particular website you are visiting and need to have a snippet of what you read for later reading.

SpringPad - This has become a recent favorite of mine due to its cleanliness and ease of use.  It also doesn't have all the restrictions I have been seeing with Evernote.  The Android app is also polished and works on and offline.

Google Calendar Checker Plus – Can’t keep track of important events without a good calendar.

Google Mail Notifier Plus – This app makes checking Gmail so easy.

Google Tasks – This is a nifty extension that has an encapsulated Google Tasks piece that lets you write up tasks quickly that can be viewed on your Calendar, and in Gmail.

Google Voice – This is a great voip style tool to make calls from your computer, and to send SMS messages from within the browser!

WeatherBug – This name may ring bad bells for some from a few years back, but they cleaned up their act and I trust their apps.  Their weather information is also really good.

Huddle – Now, this acts as an “app”, but actually it is just a link to the main site.  Huddle is perfect for collaborating on projects and working together.

Google Docs – This is almost a no-brainer.  This isn’t an “app” or extension, but just the good old website.

Zoho – I actually prefer their online tools over Google’s own Docs.  Either way, you can sync them together!

Docs.com – This isn’t an installed “app”, but more of a tool to use that is tied into Facebook!  Great for making your social network profile work for you.

TweetDeck – This one is actually an app within the browser.  It is a clean, dark interface for all of your social networks.  It has some work to go in my opinion as it doesn’t feel as full featured as the desktop installed version.

Seesmic – Supposedly an “app”, but links back to Seesmic’s website.  Either way, this is a prime web app for your various social networks.

Picnik.com – This web app allows you to do some basic photo editing using your Picasa account, or other accounts if need be.

Tungle.me – Right now, there is no “app” or extension for Tungle, but I have to include this in the list.  It is a great method of working schedules and such.

So there is your list.  Check these web apps out and see which ones are beneficial to you.  I am sure you will find a couple you will like.

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