Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chit Chat for Facebook - Chat on Your Desktop

With all of the various IM applications out there, you are bound to have chitchatFacebook chat included in it so that the app may remain relevant.  However, what if you stopped using Yahoo, Windows Live, or AIM for IM?  What if all you rely upon is Facebook for IM with friends, and you do not want an “all-in-one” IM app like Digsby installed?  There is a stand alone application that is here to answer your calls.  Chit Chat for Facebook.

Chat Chat for Facebook seems to cover the required bases for a good stand alone IM app for Facebook chat.  I know a lot of individuals could figure that it would be just as easy to leave Facebook opened in your browser, but there are those that do not want numerous tabs open within their browser.  Another fine argument is when you want to close the browser, yet still wish to chat with friends or colleagues, this app could very well be perfect.

Why am I saying that this app could very well be perfect for them?  It is a light weight app that doesn’t have any bloat to it.  It is a clean app that isn’t obtrusive and covered in ads.  There is one ad bar at the bottom of the application, similar to most IM apps that are currently available.  Users shouldn’t feel that this app is in their way.

The main window is clean and simply looking.  I dare compare it to Google Talk’s simplistic, minimalist approach.  You have three menues, Messenger, Tools, and Help.  The friends list can be a simple group, or you can have it set via the preferences window to show the various groups you created within Facebook.  How does the chat window look?  Like a lot of new apps out there, it uses a tabbed chat window so you can have multiple conversations going without multiple windows.  The problem with this is if you wish to break the tabs off into their own windows, you can not do so from the chat window.  There is no sign of any such option even from with in the preferences.

Chit Chat doesn’t offer a lot of bells and whistles.  This is good though.  It means that there are no underlying 3rd party apps running that could be considered pointless, or be snooping.  They smileys included with the app are not standard issue Facebook smileys, so this could make it confusing when a friend on Facebook uses the shark emote…(^^^)…or other emotes and they only show up as the code in your chat window.  A feature I do welcome with this is the ability to save chat logs.  This is something that Facebook doesn’t seem to fully offer on the site.  I find it useful, especially when I need to go back on a discussion if something of importance was brought up.

I find this really well designed application with some great potential.  If some other Facebook features are implemented within the app, this could very well be a great contender.  I honestly think the only thing that will hold this app back is if Facebook decided to create some kind of downloadable chat application of their own.  If you are tired of the bloat that comes with AIM, Windows Live, and Yahoo, this is the IM app for you, especially if you are like the other 500 million Facebook users that seemingly gave up on their old IM favorites.

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