Thursday, January 20, 2011

Google Services that Need Android Apps

AndroidI know I have gone down this road before, but I thought I would revisit this again.  There are so many services that Google offers on the internet that are powerful, useful and integral to what we normally need, or use, on a daily basis with our Android phones.  Problem is, we rely on third party apps to satisfy these needs.  Why is it that Google is not providing first party apps that do what we need to have done?  There is MORE than enough apps to offer competition, and Google doesn’t need to have the apps installed by default, just offer them in the Market, as they already do for some of their other services.  Here is a list of apps that I feel need to be made.

Google Notebook – This is a feature that is being devoured by companies like Evernote and Springpad.  There are also numerous other notepad apps in the market.  However, why hasn’t Google offered an app that ties directly into their own Notebook service?  Simple user interface with minimalistic approach designed for internet use with syncing is what we all want.

Google Docs – Still waiting for this one!  Sure, we can now do editing in the browser, but honestly it feels like a hassle having to open up the browser to access my documents.  Even the iPhone/iPad has a Docs app!  Come on Google, we want our Docs integrated as an app!

Blogger – Even WordPress has an app on the Droid!  Have you tried to write a blog post for your blogger account on your Android?  Oh, you can’t?  Well come on Google!  When every other blogging service offers some type of app to allow proper blogging on the Android, why can’t you?

Knol – Yeah, I know.  This is not exactly one of Google’s biggest services, but it is still a worthwhile service worth checking out.  Lots of informative articles written by various individuals.  Still worth a decent app!

Google has been doing better with releasing a variety of new apps over the last year.  Google released apps for Reader, Books and a couple others.  I just feel that Google has left the task of creating apps for their services up to the public.  That may sound honorable and all, but it also sounds a tad lazy.

What is your opinion?  Leave a comment below.

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  1. Google finally came out with an App for Blogger on Android. It is a pretty decent app for all of you Blogger users.