Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Galaxy Tab and how it changed my habits

A week or so ago I got myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab…finally.  I have been wanting one of these ever since they hit the shelves of all of the major mobile carriers.  I have gone about trying to find the best deal, best connection price, and so on.  I even went to eBay to try and find one that was inexpensive.  However, I decided to break down and spend the $199.99 on a Verizon branded Tab.  I am so glad I did.

I know a lot of people would tend to experience a bit of buyers remorse from a frivolous purchase like this, but I have yet to experience mine.  Honestly, I doubt I will.  Why?  Because this device has really changed a lot of my computing and mobile habits.  For one, my Droid has been relegated to being nothing more than a communications device.  I use it to call, text and IM.  I still have my social apps installed, along with my Gmail account set up.  I also have SpringPad and Google Docs installed so I can take down quick notes if I do not wish to tap into the 1gb/mo data connection I have on my Galaxy Tab.  If I am in a Wi-Fi network, I will use the Tab, but the Droid is nothing more that the obviously dominate communications platform.

What is my Galaxy Tab good for then?  Well, I use it for IM’ing via Google Talk and Yahoo IM.  I also maintain my social connections via apps like TweetDeck and Facebook, among a few others.  It is a great web surfing platform for on the go, or in the comfort of a chair.  I also have numerous games installed that are amazingly fun to play.  This device also acts as my library for great books thanks to apps like Aldico, Nook, Kindle, and Google Books.  I even have found this device as a great way to watch movies and videos from the comfort of anywhere I decide is comfortable.

Because of this device, I have freed up a lot of space on my Droid.  Because I do not find myself accessing my Droid for the normal apps I used to use on it, the battery life has lasted me the entire day thus far.  My Galaxy Tab, which I access and use on a regular basis through out a normal day, last me the entire day without any emergency charges before I complete me day.

I have a Desktop PC, Laptop, Droid, Galaxy Tab, digital camera, and a PSP.  My PSP and Laptop have found themselves put away below my desk, only to be pulled out when needed, or missed.  My desktop serves the purpose of a media center allowing us to watch Netflix and Hulu on a TV screen.  The Galaxy Tab has allowed me to do what I normally do online, maintaining my connection to the cyber-verse and still go everywhere I want to go to do the things I want to do.  I don’t even worry about taking along my digital camera or digital video camera.  My Tab allows me to not only take up quick pictures and videos, but also lets me immediately post them to Facebook, YouTube and Qik.

This device has become my all in one device.  It allows me to do so much with so little effort and not be burdened with numerous devices.  Granted, I can not make normal phone calls from it yet, but it does let me do everything else.

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  1. why can't you make a normal phone calls from it and can you multiple tasking on it?