Sunday, May 8, 2011

Is Hacking Going to Far?

For anyone with a Sony PSN account, or just so happens to read tech news, will tell you that Hackers are horrible right now.  Why?  They can’t get online and play their favorite games!  Hacktivist group Anonymous has taken claim, sort of, of the take down of the Sony Playstation Network.  This means your account for the PS3, PSP, and numerous MMORPG’s such as Everquest.  So, what happens next?

Sony initially Sony thought that this incursion was nothing to serious and would be back up and running a day or so after the initial April 19th attack.  However, after serious and extensive examination, Sony determined that the network would have to stay down a bit longer to ensure security and safety of the millions of accounts on the servers.  Well, here it is, May 8th, and the PSN is STILL down.

The U.S. government has stepped in to get information on the attack, and the major credit card companies are stepping in to ensure there is no fraudulent activity going on with customer accounts.  What is worse is how information has been released to the world that millions of accounts information will be released online for the entire world to see.  WHY?!?

First off, this is NOT going to make hackers out to be some sort of hero.  Imagine for a moment you are a proud member of Anonymous, and your friend finds out.  Now, imagine that friend is a paying PSN user.  Imagine that friend found his information online for the world to see.  Imagine that friend spitting in your face for the big “F” you that your Hacktivist group gave him.  Imagine not having any more friends.

Don’t get me wrong.  Hacking has its place in the world of Information Technology.  It pushes development, security and innovations.  It pushes the envelope of what our current technology can do.  However, this is all done by White Hat hackers.  These individuals do not use their talents maliciously.  They do so to make the world safer, and more interesting for us all.  Black Hat’s, however don’t.  They have a tendancy to be malicious.  They do not do what they do to help others.

This attack on Sony has gone from being a “Friendly Demonstration” to a dangerous, and expensive terrorist attack.

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