Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Google Buzz Finally Out to Pasture?

Google Buzz LogoToday, Google updated Google Maps and released the app for the Android platform.  Interestingly, however, is that the update removed Google Buzz!  Did anyone else seem to take notice of this, or am I the only one?  With Google+ still in closed testing, there could be a few people that will notice their missing Buzz’s on their maps.  I have some ideas on why Google Buzz is missing in Maps, but the real kicker is that the Google Buzz Widget has completely vanished from the Android Market as well!

So, why did Google take the Buzz widget off of the market?  That is really interesting when you stop to think about it.  Removing its integration with maps is as simple as maybe privacy.  Buzz and Latitude together are not required to cover the same area.  Latitude doesn’t exactly have the ability to share quips about your day, but it is tied into Places which lets you rate a place you have been to.Googleplus-logo

The speculation I am having in regards to the complete removal of Buzz from the Android platform would be due to Google+.  However, Google+ is still in closed to invitation only use.  Google Buzz is still used by a few people.  With the removal of Buzz as it has been done, does this mean that Google could be moving along a little faster in releasing Google+ publicly?

One can only wish in that regard, as Google+ has been picking up a HUGE amount of steam with its innovative features that are spectacular not only for the average user, but the business user as well.

Rest in Peace Google Buzz.

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