Monday, July 25, 2011

Google+ vs Them

Googleplus-logoOkay, so everyone here as of late is comparing Google+ to Facebook, but there is something amiss with how they are making these comparisons.  Google+ is not handling social interactions the way Facebook does.  If I were to make any comparisons, Google+ seems to act more like Twitter.  Why would I say such a thing?  How do I view it in such a way?  Let me explain.

I am sure a few people may think Google+ is more like Google Buzz on steroids.  However, look at what Twitter can do, with a little assist.  Twitter can post quick updates, pictures and videos.  It links you back to a conversation using hash tags (e.g., #GeekTechBlog).  Twitter also allows people to follow other people without requiring said person to follow you back.

The big differences between Google+ and Twitter, though, is the fact that Google+ maintains a few aspects of what Google Buzz was like in the Streams found on Google+.  Google+ also does not require an outside provider to host pictures and videos, as these are directly handled within Google+, including animated GIFs!  Google incorporated a type of sharing system in the Stream to allow the original poster of a piece get credit as you share it further with your Circles.  On Facebook, or Twitter, there is no credit for the original poster.  Of course, you can get around it on Google+ if you think about it, but it is still a nice gesture.

To be honest, we can sit here and make a whole bunch of comparisons between Google+ and the other social networks out there.  The problem with that is that Google+ may hold similarities, but it does these things in its own way.  Take direct wall/stream posts.  Google+ doesn’t actually have this feature.  However, why does it need that?  The point of Google+ is sharing.  Not open communication.  If you wish to communicate with someone, then use Google Talk, or Gmail.  If you wish to have an open discussion with a particular person, you make a post on the Stream and put their name in the post, and at the bottom with a “+” preceding their name, just like your circles.

The thing with Google+ is that we will all discover what it is about, what it provides, and how to use it.  It is no different than any of the other social networks out there where we had to figure out how it benefitted us individually.  There is no real comparisons to be made between G+ and the rest.  Just go with the stream and enjoy the circles of life.

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