Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Google+ Following Issue

Googleplus-logoTom Anderson made a survey that is pretty interesting on his Google+ account.  Random followers on G+.  I am no female by any stretch of the imagination, but I have been getting the random followers.  Being a Twitter user, I should be used to this.  However, on a "real" social network, I am not exactly used to the idea of random people hoping in line behind me, and following me around.

This ties into the issue of the Circles.  You could easily create a circle for those that are following you, but then you are stuck having all of their comments and postings in your Stream.  This can be a bit annoying.  Not to say that they are annoying, but the added stuff from random individuals could be bothersome to sort through to get to the posts from those you want to see.  Google+'s Stream needs a filtration system that goes far beyond what Facebook's Wall can do.  I don't want to click each Circle on the left to see specifics.  I want my Social Networking time efficient and clean.  The less clicks, the better really.

As for women, I am sure this could be a bit freaky.  These guys don't realize that if you did this out in the really real world, you would get arrested, I am sure.  However, it is becoming "accepted" on Social Networks for this to happen.
The one good thing about Google+ is that you can choose to "re-follow"(I here out coin this term for Social Networking!  Re-Follow, like Reply) a person.  If you choose to, you can block that person, as well.  However, blocking a person only keeps them from being able to comment on your content.  They will still be able to view your posts.  I suppose you could consider it requested spamming?

This is something I think Google+ may have an issue with that will need to be dealt with.  There needs to be a way to keep an individual from being able to randomly follow you without your approval.  There needs to be a check and balance in this situation.

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