Thursday, August 11, 2011

Google+ Rolls out Games

Well, everyone has been eagerly waiting for Google to implement, and roll out, Games for Google+.  Well that day has arrive, and rather earlier!  Google has added a “Games” button at the top of your screen, above the stream, that will take you directly to Games.  Is this that one feature that will make or break Google+ as a viable social networking powerhouse against the likes of Facebook?  Or is this the feature that will drive away the core users that have caused Google+ to soar as quickly as it did?

I will be first to admit that good, quality games will be the factor that will attract users, and keep them.  What will satisfy the core adopters will be that Games don’t get a lot of precedence within the Stream.  Facebook has the issue that when you “like” a game, you start getting your wall flooded with information from the game.  When you play the game, and post achievements, it floods your friends’ wall.  The flooding of achievements tends to get the game blocked from a users wall, if not completely from play, unless they unblock the game.

So far, I have not seen a flood of posts from a few of the games I did play, being Bejeweled Blitz, Dragon Age Legacy and Angry Birds.  I hope it stays that way.  It would appear that a majority of information is being kept within the app.  If a separate stream is kept, with in the games section (which there isn’t), I wouldn’t mind that either.  Let me see what my friends play, but don’t flood my Stream with the millions of posts of what they did.

So, what games are currently offered in the initial release rolled out today?  Check the image!games_at_launch

Personally, I think that is a decent roll out.  This above view could easily be larger anytime, as Google is actively adding more games.

On thing that Google should take into consideration is to implement a quality control system into place.  Something that would help filter out games with either low ratings from flooding the Games section, or a “beta” phase so select groups of “testers” could try out the game to ensure that it is worthy of having added to Google+Games.

What is your opinion on Google adding games to Google+?  Is this a good idea, or is it the reason you left Facebook?


  1. It's not fully implemented quite yet then. It's given out to random users as I've not yet gotten that little button yet.

  2. Games are ok, but like you said. I don't want it in my stream. I also never liked the fact that i had to add random people to my friends list to get advancements in the game, mafiawars and farmville were horrible for that. It is also a shame they are choosing to add games instead of connecting + with there already huge stable of google apps. Guess that doesn't promote mass adding and data mining abilities.

  3. Well, after playing a couple of the games that interested me, I posted achievements.  Great news!  They appear in the Games section in a separate stream!  This is brilliant, and makes gaming on Google+ seem more worthwhile as I don't need to have my Stream flooded with not only my achievements, but everyone else's also.