Friday, August 5, 2011

Why the “-1” and “dislike” are Just as Important.

For quite sometime now a lot of Facebook users have been wanting a “dislike” function implemented into Facebook.  However, the powers that be over at the popular social networking site have deemed this as something “unnecessary”.  Why?  Is our dislikes unimportant?  Is it not hold statistical value of what we dislike?  And with Google’s Google+ system, would it not be beneficial to our searches to determine what we find negative?  Would it not promote more quality sharing if we had the ability to “-1” something?

I find that having this added to social networks that use such a ranking system would indeed benefit the users.  Why?  It would give various users credence and boost their popularity in a respective networks Stream or Wall.  It would also benefit in our searches to help weed out useless links and pointless leads.

It seems that popular social networks feel it is “good enough” to not have a “-1” or “dislike” feature because the simple lack of clicking “+1” or “like” works the same way.  NO it does not!  Giving users the power to show our disapproval over a comment, or link helps.  Our dislikes are just as important, statistically as it is to promote what we do like, or what interests us.

If you, the reader, clicked on the link for this article and found it unworthy of credence or importance, you would have the ability to click a “dislike” or “-1” on it.  Would you see it implemented into many websites?  I doubt it, but the important places for such buttons would be on the respective social network.  Brave bloggers and websites, however, would find the importance of such buttons, as it would help the editors, and the authors, know what their target audience really wants.

Is there a chance of abuse in such a feature?  Of course there is.  However, there is just as much of a chance for abuse with “like” and “+1”.  What abuse could there be?  Well considering “+1” in Google searches promotes various websites to appear higher in search results across all user experiences, if a hack or script was created to generate random “+1’s”, a website could get itself pushed up in the ranks.  This would be something beneficial for spamming or phishing sites to be more visible to potential victims.

Personally, I would welcome a “dislike” and “-1” button to my site as to help me find out what you, my readers, like and dislike when I write articles.

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