Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gaming Picks…for the Browser!?

The world is moving to the cloud.  We have office spaces in the cloud.  We have movies and music in the cloud.  We are even on the verge of having desktop OS’s in the cloud.  Gaming has always seemed to be the one thing that was restricted to being installed on the physical hardware.  However, times are a changing.  There are a few games that are phenomenal, and there are those that never seemed to evolve passed the days of MySpace.  I am going to give a few of my personal favorites that I am sure you will enjoy as well.
Drakensang Online is an impressive fully 3D MMORPG available thanks to BigPoint.  You have the opportunity to select a class, and then adventure forth into the game’s world leveling up, taking on quests, and killing numerous NPC’s.  In the game, you can also make friends and venture forth as a group to take on quests together.  What I find most impressive with this title is that it plays a LOT like Diablo, so calling it a MMO Diablo clone wouldn’t be an unfair comparison.  However, that is NOT a bad thing.  The game is very well designed and polished.  I played through the game a little bit, not getting very far simply due to time restraints, but I definitely look forward to jumping back into the game a little later.  This is a free to play game, but you have the ability to exchange real world money for in game money to purchase powerful items.  The controls are not at all difficult, as it is practically all done with the mouse, but you do have keyboard input for UI selections.  You also have full screen support, which makes the game feel like a true desktop game.  A definite worth looking into here.
BGO_Keyvisual_HiResBattlestar Galactica is another title from Bigpoint where you take on the role of a fighter pilot aboard the Battlestar Galactica piloting a Viper, or be a member of the Cylons and take on the role of various Cyclons.  For fans of the SyFy series that aired a few years ago, this will all feel very familiar.  The controls are great and feel like most other space combat sims out there.  However, this is another MMO.  Now, don’t think you need to get with your friends to fully enjoy this title.  It is still a very enjoyable experience on your own.  The visuals are beautiful, and supports full screen game play.

sr_homeNext up is Space Raider from Sublinet.  This is a fun little title that you pilot a space craft through the galaxy leveling up, taking on quests and upgrading your spaceship.  The controls are made up where you use your mouse to click on everything to do what you need to accomplish.  The game is relatively simple, but still fun.  I wouldn’t say it is something you would be able to killDarkOrbit hours on end, but it is fun to kill a few minutes here and there.
Bigpoint has another title that is impressive that plays much like SpaceRaider, but has a lot more depth.  That game is called Dark Orbit.  This title really does play very similarly, but thanks to Bigpoint’s track record, this title is polished and a lot of fun.
Pirate Galaxy - logo
Pirate Galaxy is a surprisingly fun title that I really got into playing.  You pilot a weak as all can be space craft trying to be recruited into a galactic smuggling ring.  The first few missions are basic missions where you go through and learn the ropes, while quickly earning some resources and cash to upgrade to a better ship.  Controls are between keyboard and mouse.  However, you can play the entire game with just the mouse.  If you ever dreamt of being a space smuggler, or your name is Han Solo, then you will love this game.
sl_teaserAnother title you will like from Split Screen Studios is Steel Legion.  You are a member of an organization that pilots tanks.  You battle enemy tanks with quests, leveling up, and upgrades.  The title is a bit more free roaming in nature in comparison to most other titles, but it is also another MMO.  Again, you can enjoy this solo without having to worry about having friends to join you.
Now, admittedly these are all considered “MMO’s”, but as I have stated in each introduction for the games, you can still fully enjoy these titles solo.  I am also sure you are wondering where a few other titles are at, such as Runescape?  Well, that is one of those titles that everyone seems to recognize.  These titles are games that not many people realize are out there, and really should.  They are incredibly fun, addictive and free to play!  So, click on my friends, and enjoy.
Do you have any recommendations?  Please post them in the comments section.

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