Saturday, April 28, 2012

Time To Segregate

I feel that it has come time that Google really needs to break down and create some form of segregation in the Google Play Store when it comes to compatibility.  I am sure we all know by now that the Play Store is already "smart enough" to determine if your device is compatible with the app or game you are wanting to install.  Essentially, you'll know when you look for it on your device and it doesn't show up, but you can find it perfectly fine when you check through your computer browser.  What I am talking about is a separation of apps and games that work on Phones, and those only for Tablets.  Apps that function perfectly on both platforms would obviously filter through to both sides.  The reason I bring this up, and I am by far not the first, is that it is so damned difficult to find apps that you know will take advantage of your tablets extra screen real estate and power.

There are developers out there that have made their apps pack a combo punch, such as 1Louder, as their Tweetcaster and Friendcaster apps give a completely different experience between the different devices, all wrapped up inside a single APK!  For a game, one would assume that it would all be a matter of the apk being installed determining what device you are running, contact the server, and then proceed to download the appropriate support files.  It sounds so simple, yet only a handful of developers are actually doing this.  Why is that?

The big developers, such as Gameloft, need to jump on board.  Google finally has Android in a position to be a major threat to Apple's iOS devices.  Apple's iOS is the same OS regardless if on an iPhone, or the iPad.  The real difference here is that the OS reacts to what device it is on, and appropriates it self to match the screen it will be displayed on.  Android 4.0.x is now doing this.  Gone are the days of the Android 2.x line for phones, and 3.x for tablets.  It is all just 4.0.x for all devices.  Admittedly, I do use an Android phone running 2.2.x on it, as that is the highest the carrier will allow the device to go.  But I have an ASUS Tablet (review still pending) that is running 4.0.3.  I want it to play the awesome games I have on my old 7" Galaxy Tab running 2.2.x (it won't update due to some "customizing" I have performed on it, and a lack of a good ROM).

The developers need to start bringing their products to those that put the money on the table, regardless if the app is "free" or pay.  To put it simply, TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS!  The tools to do so are there.

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