Saturday, May 19, 2012

China Passed Google Motorola Buy Out

So, what does the title really mean?  Well, a year ago Google bought Motorola, but the actual purchase was not "legalized" unto just now.  In the business world, one company can not simply up and purchase another.  Mainly for the reason to ensure fair practices and that they do not create some form of monopoly.  So, now that the deal is done, what does this mean in the long run?
Google intends to allow Motorola to continue as "business as usual", meaning Motorola is still its own company.  Many analysts, and critics alike, believe the purchase by Google was a means of gaining patents to protect the Android ecosystem.  Many of Motorola's patents would do just that.  Especially seeing that Motorola recently put it to Apple in the courts over a patent dispute or two.

However, let us speculate a little.  I have done it a few times, and actually came out correct.

What I see happening after the dust settles, and the partners feel that this merger is no danger to them, Google will start using Motorola as a means to help build more stability into the Android OS.  Google has done nothing more since the beginning of Android is create the OS.  From there, they handed it to the partner manufactures. From there, they would fill in the gaps and add in the required files to support what ever hardware was being used.  Any problems in relation to the hardware and Android not playing well together is solely on the hardware manufactures.

Perhaps with this merger, Google can use Motorola as a test bed to ensure stronger compatibility with various bits of hardware, taking some of the strain off of the partners.  I also see Google using this as an opportunity to delve straight into creating new devices to carry Android further into our homes.  Along side that, I also see the Nexus platform being re-adjusted where Google/Motorola would develop the annual phone/tablet themselves, ensuring it was exactly what they want, then pass that information on to the partners so they can create new phones/tablets that meet the new requirements.

I also see this as a step in a direction away from Java/Dalvik, allowing Google to not have to worry about Oracle and their team of trying to sue them.  Speaking of lawyers, perhaps Google is going to use Motorola as a means to ensure that Android stays in the hands of phone/tablet users when companies begin turning away from Android due to Microsoft and Apple attacking them directly, instead of Google.

This is, of course, purely speculative.  I am no insider to the industry.  I am just as much an avid user as the next person.  However, I doubt I am to far off from the truth here.

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